13 November 2013

An observation of Pitt at Windsor Castle

In 1804, a person whose fate it is to remain anonymous to posterity, saw Mr. Pitt once at Windsor Castle. Here is his/her recollection of Pitt:

"It was something to me, even this once, to have seen Mr. Pitt. The face and figure and deportment of the man gave a precision to my subsequent conception of him as one of the realities of history. The immobility of those features, the erectness of that form, told of one born to command. The loftiness and breadth of the forehead spoke of sagacity and firmness, the quick eye of eloquent promptitude, the nose (I cannot pass over that remarkable feature though painters and sculptors failed to reproduce it), the nose somewhat twisted out of the perpendicular, made his enemies say his face was as crooked as his policy. I saw those characteristics or had them pointed out to me afterwards. But that smile, revealing the charm of his inner nature, that was to win the love of his intimates, but it was not for vulgar observation.”

Oh, to have been there.


London Society: An illustrated magazine of light and amusing literature for the hours of relaxation, Volume V, 1864, pg. 526.

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