13 November 2013

Beau Brummell on Mr. Pitt

Beau Brummell, the famous Regency era dandy, recollected Pitt from his early days in London. Pitt was described by him as “sad and cynical.” Brummell then went on to relate a reminiscence of Pitt by Chateaubriand: “I used to see Mr. Pitt fairly often when he walked from his residence through St. James’s Park to the King. Mr. Pitt dressed in black, his sword with its steel hilt at his side, his hat under his arm, went up two or three steps at a time…”
(Chateaubriand, ‘Memories a Outré-Tombe,’ ed. Bire, vol. 2, p. 225).


Boutet de Monvel, R. (1908) ‘Beau Brummell and His Times,’ Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company, pg. 59.

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