13 November 2013

Favouring the company with a song

Source for the quote below: Bickley, F. (ed.) (1928) The Diaries of Sylvester Douglas Lord Glenbervie, Vol. 1. London: Constable, pp. 230-1.

Lord Glenbervie, son in-law to the infamous Lord North (me = not a fan), records a dinner held at Lord Arden’s house on Sunday, May 17, 1801, where Pitt was among the company. Glenbervie records that during this dinner, “Lord Sidney put Pitt in mind that some years ago at a great supper at the Duchess of Gordon’s the present Lord Pomfret bawled out to him [Pitt] from the farther end of a long table requesting that as he who was so good a speaker must be a good singer he [Pitt] should favour the company with a song. Mr. Pitt recollected the circumstance perfectly.”
Oh, to have been there, and to know whether or not Mr. Pitt favoured the company with a song after all. ;)

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