13 November 2013

Pitt to Burfield

One of the most mysterious notes located in the Pitt MSS at the Kent History and Library Centre is an original note from Mr. Pitt to Mr. Burfield, the gardener at Walmer Castle. Dated December 26, 1804, Pitt writes:

"The Messenger is to search with Burfield in the Library at Walmer for a large Green Bag containing some heavy Books. It is to be sealed up (if not sealed already) and brought immediately to Town. The Bag will be found either in the Corner of the Shelves, or in the Closet made by one of the Windows in the Library. If necessary the Closet must be broke open. WP."

Now the question remains - what was in those books that they needed to be urgently sent to town?


  1. Hi Stephenie. I was just researching John Burfield and found a reference to his death and his reminiscences about Pitt. I'd not found it before but now trying to piece together a family tree (not too successfully so far!). I volunteer at Walmer Castle, hence my interest. Love your blog.

  2. And I managed to forget to post the link....der....https://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/newspapers/TC18591014.2.7#