15 December 2013

The Indian Chiefs who met the Pitt children

In 1766, a group of Indian chiefs from North America came over to England. At Weymouth, they met the children of William Pitt the Elder (1708-1778). Below is a snippet from a letter written by Pitt's 10 year old daughter Lady Hester Pitt describing this event:

Lady Hester Pitt to her mother, Weymouth, August 2, 1766

“…The man who brought over the Indian Chiefs came to us on Wednesday night with a message from them to return us many thanks for the kind treatment they had met with. Some of them were gone to Dorchester, and he was going to carry the rest there, and so to London. We found by talking to them [the Indians] that they had Christian names the same as the English. I hear that William’s little horse is dark iron grey, and has a switch tail, they say it is about as handsome as Beauty…If it is fine weather we intend to go to see a compleat Roman Camp about 6 miles from hence.”


The UK National Archives. PRO 30/70/5/330A 

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  1. As you know I did a bit of research on this recently. :-) according to Mr Wilson John would not let go of the speech translation he was given for a second!