13 March 2014

Lord Pitt's childhood poem

In the very early 1770s, all of the children of the 1st Lord Chatham, William Pitt the Elder, each wrote a poem dedicated to the then Lord Mahon, afterwards the 3rd  Earl Stanhope. At the time, Mahon was in Geneva, but he later married Lord Chatham's eldest daughter Lady Hester Pitt in 1774. 

Below is a childhood poem of Lord Pitt (John Pitt), later styled the 2nd Earl of Chatham after his father's death in 1778, to Lord Mahon:

“Wafted from far, thy Fame has reach’d my ear. 
Of Thee, Bright Youth, unceasing praise I hear. 
What various knowledge, with fair wisdom join’d, 
Conspicuous shine throughout thy polish’d mind! 
High, o’er vain pride thy soul superior stands;
An honest praise thy generous heart demands.
Each branch of Learning, which so few possess 
In riper years, your tender age doth bless.
Nor are you to those gracefull arts a Foe,
Which o’er the Learned double Lustre throw;
Fam’d for the manage of the bounding Steed,
In manly Sports the youthfull Band you lead.
All Hail! Accomplished Youth! Call’d to command
Th’aspiring Sons, of that brave, happy, Land,
Where sweetest Freedom spreads her blissfull charms,
And Patriot Love each Freedom Bosom warms.
Tho’ now your Virtues fair Geneva grace,
With pride great England boasts your native place;
There ev’ry Youth, whom noble ardour fires,
Shall emulate that Fame he so admires.



The Kent History & Library Centre, Maidstone. Stanhope of Chevening manuscripts, Pitt MSS: U1590/S5/C20.

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