8 May 2014

Pitt's untitled poem to Lord Mahon

Pitt's poem to Lord Mahon (Charles Stanhope)

In an undated, and untitled poem from the early 1770s, William Pitt paid tribute to Lord Mahon (Charles Stanhope). Judging by the internal evidence within the poem, Mahon had not yet married William's older sister Lady Hester Pitt. 

He writes:

"O happy Youth, enrich'd by Natures hand;
First Ornament in Learnings polish'd band;
In whom (bright Offspring of so bright a line)
Their treasures, Genius, and rich Art, combine.
Thy pow'rs, the glowing Canvass shall proclaim,
And solid study shall exult thy name.
Thro' distant regions shall thy fame be known:
Thee as their Chief do gen'rous Freeman own.
Thy high perfections, foreign climes now boast:
But Oh! fair England is thy native Coast.
She, like Geneva, shall thy worth admire,
Thy love of Freedom shall her sons inspire.
Meantime, accept these high-aspiring lays,
From one know burns to emulate thy praise. 
William Pitt."


The Kent History & Library Centre, Maidstone. Stanhope of Chevening manuscripts, Pitt MSS: U1590/S5/C20.

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