31 July 2014

An original plaster cast of William Pitt's death mask

I recently had the honour of being contacted by a private collector named Mr. Randall Wallace. He owns an original plaster cast of Pitt's death mask that extends to the base of the neck. Mr. Wallace also sent me an image of the December 18, 1986 Sotheby's Catalogue, with a description of the  mask:

The Dec. 18, 1986 Sotheby's catalogue with a description of the death mask

Mr. Wallace sent several images of this particular death mask, and he kindly allowed me to share these on the website. Each image is the property of Randall Wallace as clearly stated on each photo. Compare the death mask below with the Pitt death mask at Chevening that I blogged about in a previous post. It is quite astonishing! 

If anyone reading this post is aware of any other Nolleken's masks - Pitt or otherwise - that extend to the base of the neck, please get in touch using the email on my website. 

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  1. I am speechless. Poor, poor P., as Canning might say.