8 August 2014

Edward James Eliot's silhouette

A little while ago, the lovely Sarah Garcia (she blogs at:http://littlekumquat.weebly.com/) told me about a 1781 silhouette of Pitt's best friend and brother in-law Edward James Eliot (1758-1797). It is in the possession of Mr. James Hervey-Bathurst at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, England. The silhouette is viewable to visitors of the castle, and is located in the far case in the dining room. Unfortunately, it is too fragile to be taken out or touched. I contacted the estate, and the archivist of the estate was very helpful in answering my questions regarding the silhouette. According to the date on the back of the silhouette (1781), Edward would have been about 23 years old at the time when it was taken. He appears to be wearing a militia uniform, and Sarah has told me that Eliot and his brothers served in the Cornwall Fencibles. 

The owner, Mr. James Hervey-Bathurst, kindly granted me permission to post images of Eliot's silhouette on this site. They remain the property of the Eastnor Castle Collection:

Photo Credits:

All images above are the property of the Eastnor Castle Collection, and are reproduced here with kind permission from the owner of the estate.

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