8 September 2014

An original Seal of Mr. Pitt

A impression of a Seal engraved with a bust of William Pitt
There is a well-preserved original wax seal of William Pitt that is in the possession of the British Library. The provenance note is as follows:

"Presented by Miss L.C. Frampton, Torquay

10 March 1880 - The original of this Seal engraved with the head of the great Mr. Pitt was formerly in the possession of the R.H. the Princess Charlotte of Wales, who herself gave the Jewellers’ impression of it to Mrs. Campbell, Keeper of her Privy Purse; and Mrs. Campbell gave it to me about the year 1826. Louisa Charlotte Frampton.”

On the inside of the seal is inscribed: 

“Gold Seals & Chains, & every description of Jewellery of the best Manufacture. Copper-plate Engraving & Printing. B. Warwick, Engraver to The Royal Family, 124, Regent Street, from 145 Strand." 

It is almost certainly the case that this seal was engraved posthumously as various memorials, busts, statues, seals, engravings, prints, and coins were created to commemorate Pitt immediately after his death. Unfortunately, there is no date apart from the fact that it was most likely created in the early 19th century (c. 1806-10). 

Image Source & Reference:

British Library Select Manuscript Reference L.2 - Impression of a seal engraved with a bust  William Pitt.

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