16 November 2014

A lock of Mr. Pitt's hair (still including the hair powder)

In a previous post, I wrote an entry about a bracelet made of Mr. Pitt's hair. Also included with this item is a substantial lock of Mr. Pitt's hair dated January 23, 1806 (the day of his death). This must be the lock of hair which was once at Orwell Park, the former residence of the Pretyman family. 

If you look closely at the images below, you can still see the hair powder in the envelope.
A lock of Mr. Pitt's hair
Another view of Pitt's hair

Pitt retained his auburn-coloured hair until his death at the age of 46, although when I viewed the lock of hair in person, I could see a single grey hair. I'm blogging about Pitt's hair so that a modern audience can see what his hair colour actually looked like underneath his wigs and hair powder.

Reference/Image Credits:

A lock of William Pitt's hair taken on the date of his death. Pretyman MSS: HA 119:8837/1. Ipswich Record Office. 

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