3 June 2015

Pitt's last prescription

Mr. Edwards, Surgeon at Putney

It appears William Pitt's last prescription was written out on January 21, 1806 - two days before his death. A 'Mr. Edwards, Surgeon at Putney' was involved in Pitt's case, along with Sir Walter Farquhar (Pitt's usual physician from the mid-1790s onwards), Matthew Baillie (a nephew of the Hunter family), and Henry Revell Reynolds. 

William Pitt's last prescription, Jan. 21, 1806

Sadly, this concoction did not succeed in restoring Pitt's rapidly deteriorating health, and he succumbed on the morning of 23 January 1806 at the age of only 46.


Pitt MSS. Rubenstein Rare Books and Manuscripts Room. Duke University, North Carolina.